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CD canto:). Hortus Musicus

DVD In the Mystical Land of Kaydara. Peeter Vähi

DVD Coppélia. A ballet by Léo Delibes

CD-series Great Maestros. Beethoven, Brahms. Kalle Randalu, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Järvi

CD Quarter of a Century with Friends. Arsis, Rémi Boucher, Oliver Kuusik, Rauno Elp

Super Audio CD Maria Magdalena. Sevara Nazarkhan, Riga Dom Cathedral Boys Choir, State Choir Latvija, Latvian National Symphony Orchestra

CD Jerusalem. Hortus Musicus

LP Contra aut pro? Toomas Velmet, Neeme Järvi, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Arvo Pärt

CD The Soul of Fire. Age Juurikas


Fri, May 29th at 7 pm Kadriorg Park







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TANER AKYOL TRIO: Taner Akyol (bağlama), Mahir Kartal (duduk, kaval), Sebastian Flaig (percussion)


Taner Akyol is known as a bağlama (Turkish lute or saz) virtuoso with a diploma in composition and piano. He was born in Bursa, Turkey in 1977. With bağlama playing he started at the age of five. He has been also studied violin for four years at the Bursa Anatolia College of Fine Arts and continued with composition studies in Germany at Berlin Hanns Eisler Music Academy and Berlin Academy of Fine Arts. Taner Akyol’s first composition already received the Hanns Eisler Award. In 2007 his work was awarded by the Global Music − Contemporary Expression for composition in Berlin. His first opera Ali Baba und 40 Räuber reflecting his unique personality as a musician and composer commissioned by Komische Oper Berlin and was premiered in 2012.
At the same time Taner Akyol continued his bağlama training. In 1998 he was awarded the Best Soloist with his bağlama in Musica Vitale international young soloist competition. His first solo album, “Birds of Passage” was released in 2007, and traveled around the world. In 2008 his composition “Recollections” for bağlama and chamber orchestra was awarded by Brandenburg Modern Music Foundation. Several avant-garde orchestral works for bağlama have been written and dedicated to Akyol by contemporary composers. As a soloist he is constantly touring with his bağlama between East and West.
With his trio Taner Akyol appears also on European jazz stages as a new Django Reinhardt. Together with Greek pianist Antonis Anissegos and German percussionist Sebastian Flaig they play Anatolian folk tunes in a jazz format, thus opening a new channel in ethno-jazz music. In 2007 trio released his first hit album Maria Farantouri Sings Taner Akyol (Enja Records). Greek singer, cultural and political activist Maria Farantouri sings in Greek translation poems of the persecution suffered by the Kurdish people.

Mahir Kartal was born in 1987 in İstanbul. He graduated in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Turkish folkdance from İstanbul Technical University. One of his main interests during his studies was the research of Sinti and Roma culture in Turkey.
Mahir is also a passionate musician. He plays duduk, kaval and other traditional instruments, as well as saxophon and guitar. Mahir plays in several bands and works as a studio musician. In his many projects, he combines traditional elements with different styles of modern music. Since 2013, Mahir lives in Berlin, preparing for a master’s degree in dance studies. He is very active in the music scene of Berlin and gives concerts regularly.

Sebastian Flaig was born in 1983. He studied percussion and jazz drumset at Mendelssohn Bartholdy Musikhochschule Leipzig. He lived one year in Istanbul to study with Turkish masters, especially under Misirli Ahmet, the leading darbuka player. Sebastian Flaig’s musical intuit and technical flexibiltiy allow him play in many ensembles from jazz to oriental music, from classical to experimental and to cooperate with musicians like in Taner Akyol Trio, Susan Weinert Global players, Pain Perdu, Basalt, Dolci Canti etc.
He was member of the German National Student Jazz Orchestra (Bujazzo), played in several theatre shows at Komische Oper Berlin, Stadttheater Freiburg, Bauhaus Dessau etc, and played as a soloist with orchestras. He composed music for ensemble, theatre shows and film documentaries and is giving workshops throughout Europe.

Program: Alevi and Kurdish music


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